Semalt Expert: Wordpress Theme Types - Helpful Tips

Deciding on a WordPress theme is the essential choice that one has to make for a blog. One of the best features of Wordpress is that you can make it site based and make it look the way you love and wish by inserting a WordPress plugin. The theme will leave your content the same but changes the looks of the website and the way the content has been presented. The kind of idea you select can make your content look utterly different, something that you achieve with just a single click.

Ivan Konovalov, a leading specialist of Semalt, explains that Wordpress themes come in many types which include:

Purchased or premium themes

These are themes that you buy from an online vendor. You decide to purchase them on a onetime fee or choose to pay it on an annual basis. Depending on the vendor, you can get ones with video tutorials that explain how to use them.

Premiums themes come with numerous benefits including:

  • High quality
  • Optimized and with high performance
  • Offer full support
  • They use the latest technology and the highest website standards

They come with numerous options and customization features which allow you to twist the functionality of your site. Some of the options include changing the color and changing the layout of your site. They are the best for a perfect blog.

Free themes

There are thousands of free theme types on the internet. They are free to download, and you can apply them without any restriction. You can get them by visiting themes directory, and they are 100% free.

Free - It means that you get them without paying anything for it. The free themes are different from freemium since the free themes are full-featured ranging from dull to stunning designs.

Freemium - These themes are put out with functions limited scope meant for testing where eventually if you love them, you will be asked to buy the full version. Therefore, they are not free since you will be required to pay for them with time.


They are also referred to as started developer themes. This is because the themes are already prepared, but they need to be developed into a better thing.

These themes are tailored in minimal design. These include themes like skeleton, bones, and roots where the developers benefit from each other trying to develop them to be stable and economically viable. They aim at offering users with information to customize the codes of the theme, and they are recommendable for those people looking to develop their themes.

Every theme is unique, and they are all designed to suit every person's needs. Do some research on the features of each before deciding on the theme to use for your blog.